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Indie-folk duo, Firewoodisland, releases the poignant and introspective ‘Storm’

Folk music used to be all the rage a couple of years ago. It’s a genre that had to reinvent itself to stay current in our ever-changing music scene. But sometimes, an act comes along that shows you what you loved about folk from the beginning. Like seeing an ex-lover passing across the street, you yearn for the touch again. Enter Firewoodisland

A perfect blend of Of Monsters and Men’s ‘mountain-pop’ sound and Bon Iver’s ethereal vocal work/masterful writing, Firewoodisland’s ‘Storm’ is the track you’ve been waiting for. A powerful track asking the listener to either “give in or let go“; this track has the possibility of hitting deep. It’s tender, vulnerable and sensitive, yet unapologetically delves into the psyche of the self, picking apart all of your flaws and allowing a serene moment of introspection. The best way to improve the world, is to start critically looking at yourself and trying to better yourself. 

Swooping string sections are interlaced with powerful, yet understated percussion while the keys drive most of the melody forward while the song grows bigger with each passing second. Like a storm building it’s momentum on the horizon, Firewoodisland grows with each release; never failing to let down.  

On the inspiration behind their new single, Firewoodisland explains, “The idea for ‘Storm’ and most of the song shot down like lightning in the autumn of 2018. The weather was behaving really strangely and our neighbourhood ended up being the centre of a storm. This ironically mirrored our personal lives in a stressful and chaotic season. ‘Storm’ is about being able to accept and abide in the turbulent circumstances that you’re in, and not to be consumed by them.”

Their anthemic sound has been heard on stages at festivals like Corston Fields, Farmfest, Oxjam Cardiff Takeover, main support at Vikedal Roots Music Festival and at BBC’s Introducing stage at Latitude Festival 2017 as well as supporting Bear’s Den on Record Store Day in St. Giles Church, London. On the 29th of March, Firewoodisland will be headlining Richer Unsigned’s lunchtime showcase to an exclusive audience of music industry professionals. No stranger to television, their music has been featured in Saving Hope’s promo advert, in several Teen Mom and Unge Lovende episodes, plus their single ‘Soldier’ will be featured on Netflix’s ‘Shadow Hunters’ which is scheduled to air towards the end of February.

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Aldous Harding announces new album and shares delightfully bizarre video for ‘The Barrel’

Aldous Harding will release her third album, Designer, on April 26. First single, ‘The Barrel’ has been launche, with a delightfully off-kilter accompanying video.

Designer finds the New Zealander hitting her creative stride. After the sleeper success of Party (internationally lauded and crowned Rough Trade Shops’ Album of 2017), Harding came off a 100-date tour last summer and went straight into the studio with a collection of songs written on the road. Reuniting with John Parish, producer of Party, Harding spent 15 days recording and 10 days mixing at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth and Bristol’s J&J Studio and Playpen. From the bold strokes of opening track ‘Fixture Picture’, there is an overriding sense of an artist confident in their work, with contributions from Huw Evans (H. Hawkline), Stephen Black (Sweet Baboo), drummer Gwion Llewelyn and violinist Claire MacTaggart broadening and complimenting Harding’s rich and timeless songwriting.

Directed by Martin Sagadin, the visuals for Aldous Harding‘s first single ‘The Barrel’ can be viewed below:


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Austrian trio, Lex Audrey, releases debut album, ‘No Intention of Changing the World’ and it’s a jack of all trades of sounds

Lex Audrey have already proven that they can break into the international music scene with their singles ‘NSFL’ and ‘>>GodGiven<<‘ raking in the streams on a continuous basis. They released their debut album No Intention of Changing the World on the 8th of February via LasVegas Records and it’s an album that will keeps on delivering with every single track. 

The title of their debut album feels almost tongue in cheek. It’s clear tha they have every intention of trying to change the world. This album is filled with tracks that comments on the fast-paced and digital society we find ourselves in. Lex Audrey manages to tiptoe perfectly between using organic and digital instrumentation. Big guitars, big electronic sweeps, it’s all in here. You can’t help but fall in love with their feel-good uplifting sound, however as soon as you dip into the lyrical content; you will discover a whole new world of cynicism, social commentary and deep-rooted introspection. 

No Intention of Changing the World sees Lex Audrey produce a stellar debut record filled with 12-tracks that never lets up. This album ranges from catchy upbeat tracks like ‘Winter II’, ‘Mexican Standoff’ and ‘NSFL’ while flawlessly also including slower gems such as ‘Lost To You’, ‘From Beginning’, and ‘No Intention of Changing the World’. Lex Audrey creates their sound with a spectrum of styles especially on tracks like ‘Little Elephant’, ‘TikTikBoom!’ and ‘The Key’, where it’s clear they had a lot of fun experimenting with different elements. If you’re into big tracks that remind you of classic arena rock, then the anthemic ‘Get Me Anywhere’, the synth-heavy ‘Metaphor’ and the massive guitar solos of ‘>>godgiven<<’ should be right up your alley. It’s difficult to place any of the tracks on No Intention of Changing the World into a singular box, as this album manages to tick every box. Synth, indie, electronica, rock, pop, dance, ballads; Lex Audrey can do it all. 

Lex Audrey vocalist Niklas said about the album, “It‘s hard to summarize this album in just a few sentences, as we worked very long and hard on it. A lot of the songs are very critical about how technology sometimes has a negative impact on society and the way people interact with each other. We don‘t know if our listeners feel the same way about it yet, but we can‘t wait to find out.

Listen to the full album below:

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[INTERVIEW] Cape Town based Maya-Rose on her melancholic debut single, ‘Perpetual Dissatisfaction’

Dark-folk musician, Maya-Rose, is a South African born and bred singer-songwriter who recently released her sombre debut track, ‘Perpetual Dissatisfaction’ via Kudukudu Records. Hailing from the small coastal town of Knysna, Maya-Rose has been making music since a very young age. Trying her hand at multiple instruments like clarinet, piano and the acoustic guitar, she has been performing live for a while, but only recently officially released a single for the world to enjoy. 

‘Perpetual Dissatisfaction’, the debut track from Maya-Rose, is a tender folk-song played gently on an acoustic guitar. The whole track tackles the so-called ‘grind’ many people find themselves in; constantly working only to make their boss richer. Constantly putting in the effort for others without seeing any reward for yourself. Yet, this is the society we find ourselves in, and this is the norm we have come to accept. As the lyrics state “this system doesn’t work for us”. ‘Perpetual Dissatisfaction’ sees Maya-Rose bare her soul in a vulnerable take on the psyche of a 21st-century millennial trying to make ends meet, yet still being told she’s not doing enough.

We had a chat with Maya-Rose and spoke about her single ‘Perpetual Dissatisfaction’, the misconceptions of folk music and how you should never underestimate the impact of kindness

Set the tone for us. How would you describe your sound?

I’d say that for the most part, my music is considered ‘folk’, but there is definitely a darker edge in there that your traditional folk won’t have. I often will describe it as ‘dark-folk’ so that people coming to watch my shows can expect a specific mood, one that’s raw, honest and stripped-down.

You recently released ‘Perpetual Dissatisfaction’. What can you tell us about the creative process behind this song?

Firstly, it’s the first professionally recorded track that I’ve released, which is a big deal for me, so it’ll always mean a lot to me in that sense. I’ve been playing live and making music for many years, but ‘Perpetual Dissatisfaction’ is the first time I’ve shared something in such a concrete way with the online world. 

The track itself was written when I was working six days a week scooping ice cream at a dessert cafe. And on top of that I was also working part-time as a freelance editor and a babysitter. I had to travel many kilometres on the train (and if you live where I live, you’ll know that that means 60% of the time the train will stop in the middle of nowhere, there is always a risk of it being set alight, it might not even show up etc.) and stand for 9 hours a day. I became very tired and angry with the capitalist patriarchal system in general. I honestly felt like I was just sleeping, eating and working, and I would do so until my death. (Super light stuff, huh?) 

What do you want people to know about this release?

I’m not sure what I want people to ‘know’. Maybe I answered that accidentally in the previous question! Perhaps what I want is for people to know, with this release, is that they’re not alone. Life’s pretty difficult, but it can be shared and there are moments of clarity and peace. 

What would you say is the biggest misconception people have over your genre?

That it’s only cheesy love songs and ‘light’ content. Firstly, nothing wrong with that (you do you, babe!). Although a lot of music in the mainstream folk genre IS like that, I think people need to be made aware of the awesome psychedelic and dark folk that’s available out there. People that come to mind are DOPE LEMON, The Holy Drug Couple, Big Thief… There’s a whole world of fantastic alternative folk music waiting for you.

The music industry is known for having its fair share of troubles. If there is one thing you would change about it, what would it be?

For the most part, I wish that the music industry wasn’t so saturated with (and by) white, cis, heterosexual men. There are so many events and festivals that are trying their best to change this, but for the most part, everything remains the same. I live in a country where the majority of citizens are persons of colour, yet all the music line-ups at large events are usually exclusively white men. Something needs to change. 

If you could ask your fans a question, what would it be?

I would probably ask a really practical question, like… “How much are you willing to pay for a show?” or “What kind of online content shared by a musician makes you feel engaged and excited?” Not very ‘deep’, but I honestly just want to learn how to connect with my fans more, in a way that benefits both of us. 

Take us through your songwriting process. Are there any particular steps you take when putting music together?

I usually write music when I have a great deal of time just to be by myself, so I don’t have to feel pressured or rushed. Most times I will start by playing my guitar, experimenting with chord progressions and sounds. When I’ve found something that I really love the energy and sound of, I’ll start humming and mumbling along, making up words as I go, so that I can hear how I want the melody and rhythm of the song to be. BUT sometimes it doesn’t happen like that. Sometimes I will be in such a hurricane of emotions, (whether it’s happy, angry, sad…) that I will just pretty much sit down and vomit it out in the form of music. Those times usually produce really special results as they are so firmly rooted in a moment of extreme feeling.  

What songs are currently on your heavy rotation?

I’ve been listening to a lot of woman-fronted bands at the moment! Especially those that have a super crunchy guitar feel, but honey-sweet vocals. It gets me pumped and inspired to be a woman in music.

Big Thief – ‘Shark Smile’
Cherry Glazerr – ‘Daddi’
Hop Along – ‘How Simple’
Soccer Mommy – ‘Cool’
Lala Lala – ‘Exorcism’

What gets your creative juices flowing?

Watching amazing live music. I am lucky enough that I have been able to see so many local underground artists in the South African scene live, and their tenacity and creativity get me so excited to make my own art. Watching my favourite films also gets the ol’ juices flowin’. I like having beautiful and complicated images saturating my head, it makes writing music such a rich experience. 

What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments in your artistic career?

Most of the moments I can think of include the kindness and support of others. My kind dad gifting me an electric guitar for my 14th birthday (albeit a thrift-store no-name plastic strat-look-alike), that I knew he didn’t have the money for. The moment I was given my own acoustic steel-string guitar, by a very kind, older musician, for my 16th birthday, who I still play music with to this day. A kind ex-boyfriend who helped me with my first ever bedroom recordings, as well as with putting my music online. A wonderfully kind owner of a Cape Town bar encouraging me to come back to every open mic night hosted there and eventually giving me my very own slot at the venue. A friend offering to record my whole debut album, out of pure kindness. My current partner, playing music with me for hours on end, every single week, showing me guitar techniques, encouraging me, kindly, every day. I feel so overwhelmed by the absolute kindness I have experienced – there are so many stories like these. 

What is the most memorable response you have had to your music?

Mostly tears. It moves me that complete strangers, who I have never seen before in my life, can be reduced to tears by my music. It surprises me every time and usually ends in a wonderfully tender hug and them thanking me profusely and me thanking them profusely and them thanking me profusely and so forth. That’s really special to me.  

If you had to choose between never playing live again, or never being able to release music again… Which would you go for, and why?

I find this such a difficult question! But if I really had to, I would choose the latter, because I absolutely love sharing my music in a live setting. To be honest, I think in some ways my music sounds way better heard live! Part of the whole experience is the emotional delivery of the track, connecting with real live human beings who have thoughts and feelings. It’s hard to get that down in a recording. 

Breakdown the news for us: what can we expect from you in the near future?

I have a new single coming out later this month! And another in December. And then hopefully a full album release in February 2019. My Facebook page usually has all the deets. I’m also collaborating with a close friend and talented artist on an animated music video for one of the singles. Won’t tell you which one though. It’ll be a surprise. And hopefully a couple of fun gigs lined up! 

Famous last words?

What’s for dinner?

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LA duo Girlpool deliver latest hazy indie-pop single ‘Where You Sink’ ahead of upcoming LP

Los Angeles duo Girlpool, comprised of Harmony Tividad (she/her) and Cleo Tucker (he/they), have announced their new album, What Chaos Is Imaginary. The album’s lead single, “Hire,” is a great example of the band’s constant evolution and maturation. What Chaos Is Imaginary is available for pre-order now and due out February 1st, 2019 via ANTI- Records.

Never before has a group’s maturation been so transparently attached to the maturation of its members. This is due in large part to the fact that Girlpool came into existence exactly when Girlpool was supposed to come into existence: at the most prolific stage of the digital revolution. Both online and in the flesh, Tividad and Tucker practice radical openness to the point where it may even engender discomfort; this is exactly the point where it becomes clear why theirs’ is such a special project: they accept the possibility of discomfort-Chaos-and show you how to figure out why you might feel it. This is achieved through their ability to empathize as best friends and partners in creation, with the intention of making music that provokes.

Watch the official video for ‘Where You Sink’ by Girlpool below

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Gold Fields shine as they release your new favourite new-wave EP, ‘Glow’

Australian new-wave quintet, Gold Fields, returns with a brand new EP, ‘Glow’ released via Haven Sounds on the 9th of November. The EP contains 3 stellar tracks hitting, providing just enough to leave you wanting so much more. 

Forming in Ballarat, Victoria, Melbourne-based five piece Gold Fields consists of talented musicians Mark Robert Fuller, Vinci Andanar, Luke Peldys, Rob Clifton and Ryan D’Sylva who together create the sheer overwhelming force behind the band’s enticing sound. Influenced by an array of eclectic characteristics, Gold Fields personally take inspiration from such acts as Mount Kimbie, Jamie xx, David Bowie, Four Tet and Tame Impala – although their own brand of hypnotic, and enchanting ‘80s or new-wave appeal may render them more similarly closer to artists like The 1975, Glass Animals, M83 or Walk The Moon for their ability to contrast yesteryear elements of the ‘80s into a clear, modernized and dreamlike aura of resonance, creating something entirely of their own precise emotional response. 

The groups first new music in 3 years, the first track on Gold Fields’ ‘Glow’ EP, ‘Solar’, is the standout track by a mile. The opening track sounds big, it demands attention and is a testament to what Gold Fields can achieve.

The title track, ‘Glow’ immediately focuses your attention as a horn demands you to listen to what is about to unfold. The most ‘explosive’ track on the EP, it’s easy to see why Gold Fields decided to name their EP after this track. Swooping synths lift you up as the percussion intensifies and eerie sounds can be heard throughout. A pulsating, driving track, ‘Glow’ is a fine addition to their musical repertoire.
Finally, you get to ‘Waterfall’. Which opens up with a nostalgic and cinematic intro, which calmly transforms into a blissful utopia filled with chimes and bells. As the beat steadies in, you’re treated to an atmospheric delight as ‘Waterfall’ flows across your ears. 

As someone who only just discovered Gold Fields, I was a fan immediately. With a sound that could be described as a blend of UK group Jungle and the Canadian indie-darlings Arcade Fire, Gold Fields will be a welcome addition to any indie lover’s playlist. Gold Fields truly outdid themselves with ‘Glow’ and you cannot allow yourself to not jump on this. 

Listen to ‘Glow’ here: 

On their brand new EP, Gold Fields comments, “This is definitely the record we wanted to make. In a way, it made itself over the space of four years, starting at a beach house in Ocean Grove, into our bedrooms and a studio when we needed it. It was amazing to have Tony Espie (The Avalanches) mixing the record. We started out by just experimenting and we let the sounds and the music take us on a bit of a journey. It’s been a real pleasure to create this and we can’t wait for the people like us out there to hear it.

Glow’ EP Tracklist:
1. Solar
2. Glow
3. Waterfall
*the vinyl includes the instrumentals of each track on the b-side

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Slaves Present ‘Cut And Run’ (Official Video)

The Slaves go on a workout for their new ‘Cut and Run’ video prodoction. While you watch their video you watch other’s watching their video as well. Sounds a little confusing? Yes it is. But it’s true. See it yourself.

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Listen to new single by V Pages

Grammy Award winning producer and engineer Dom Morley aka V Pages has released his new single “I’ll Stand” co-written in collaboration with Field Stars Colin MacIntyre from Mull Historical Society‘s upcoming alt.pop project with female vocals by Miriam Massie
Morley has produced, engineered and mixed the work for an impressive catalog of artists including  Amy Winehouse‘s number 1 “Back To Black” album for which he was awarded his Grammy. 
Dom made his break by knocking on doors of recording studios and offering to work for free with the promise of a good cup of tea. He ended up working at Metropolis Studios in London, the largest independent commercial studio in Europe, as an in-house engineer where he worked with some of the most inspiring people in the music industry.
Morley’s enviable and inspired production skills combining danceable, emotional textures favored by crafted synth-scapes and powerful vocals come together to create a beguiling and repeat worthy listen.