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[PREMIERE] Mechner shares the moody, cinematic video for new single ‘Do It Again and Again’

June 11th saw Mechner follow up from their exciting first single ‘Do you wanna go?’, from upcoming mini-LP Club Idem, with ‘Do it Again and Again’. We are pleased to present the premiere of the new single’s dramatic music video.

The video is a continuation of where ‘Do you wanna go?’ left off, though it’s not immediately apparent how they tie together, maybe some eagle eyed viewers will spot an advert for “Club Idem” and ponder what it all means, the video shows a young couple going through a tough patch, financially speaking, living in relative squaller like much of the youth of today, when one of them discovers an interesting opportunity in a local paper, work at “Club Idem”, will this be the salvation they are looking for?

See below to find out:

The song is about repetition, the feeling of being trapped in the mundane loop of life, always living for the weekend and not much else, 

“modern life is so bleak… it gets worse by the week…”

Mechner says:

 “The song is relatively old, having been written in 2013, while I was still in college, it started off as a much more “pop” sounding tune, with a faster tempo, in the vein of ‘Thudthumping’ by Chumbawumba. The original version of the track actually featured in some student film, that I never got to see and know nothing about, but it never officially released.” 

Interesting coincidence considering Mechner’s heavy interest in cinema.

“It wasn’t until last year when I slowed the tempo of the track down considerably, found the right chord arrangement for the intro and came up with a much more interesting bass line for the verse. Slowly I started to really see it, as something “Mechner” could do. Whilst recording it I kept layering the guitars, I believe there is at least 10 or 15 separate guitar tracks all with heavy fuzz that give it an overwhelming wall of noise when it kicks in.”

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Premiere: Indie-folk singer Cormac Russell announces new song ‘Yankee Fool’

Indie-folk singer Cormac Russell has just announced a brand new song ‘Yankee Fool’ which is set to be released on the 1st of May.

Cormac Russell has taken his music across the globe, including England and China. He released his second album titled ‘Nately’s Whore’ in September of last year. Playing all the instruments himself, he draws from a diverse range of influences; from contemporaries like Mac DeMarco and Nick Cave to literary giants like Walt Whitman.

indie_grøund · [PREMIERE] Cormac Russell – ‘Yankee Fool’

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Premiere: indie-folk, music producer Timothy announces new song ‘Alone’

Swedish singer-songwriter Timothy has just announced his brand new song ‘Alone’ which is set to be released on the 17th of April 2020.
The follow up to the recent release “Home”, Alone is a melancholic song searching for love within tranquillity. Inspiration for this track has been my hikes, my quiet times in nature and the simplicity around me.

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Premiere: Indie-pop band The Shop Window announces a new song ‘Mannequin Lies’

Maidstone, Kent UK Indie-pop band The Shop Window shares a brand new song ‘Mannequin Lies’ which is set to be released on the 17th of April 2020.

The Shop Window is fronted by the dynamic duo of Carl Mann (vocals/guitars) and Simon ‘Syd’ Oxlee (vocals/keys), whose journey began over two decades ago when they landed their first record deal.

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Premiere: Four-piece band Primo! share new song ‘Perfect Paper’

Melbourne-based four-piece band Primo! have shared a brand new song ‘Perfect Paper’ from their second full-length album “Sogni” to be released on April 17th by Upset The Rhythm.

Primo! are a quartet from Melbourne writing up-tempo, terse, chorus and verse with two guitars, bass, drums and a shared group vocal sensibility to adorn their enquiries into deconstructed punk.

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Premiere: Demons Of Ruby Mae announces brand new song ‘This Is Your Time’

Music duo Demons Of Ruby Mae has announced a brand new track ‘This Is Your Time’ which is set for release the 6th of March.

After releasing their self-titled debut in 2018 and signing to North American and European labels Anti Fragile Records and Long Branch Records respectively in 2019, Manchester indie duo Demons Of Ruby Mae take things to the next level yet again, with their eagerly anticipated new single ‘This Is Your Time.’

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