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Indie band Reme releases new song ‘Gaga’

Spanish-Brit quartet Reme come back with a second single – and a charmingly disturbing video – after its previous release, Royal Cape, was named one of the best new songs so far in 2020 by Spain’s Radio 3 RNE.

Alongside comparisons to the latest album from Arctic Monkeys, their music has also been linked to other contemporaries such as Foxygen, The Divine Comedy, Once and Future Band, and Halloweens. Among the classics, names like T. Rex, Wings, Elton John or George Harrison have also been mentioned.

Following Royal Cape – a bold, no-radio edit, one-minute-guitar-solo-intro, over-five-minutes-long debut release – Reme return with Gaga, a short, melodic and dreamy ballad, accompanied by a colourful, other-worldly, Lynch-esque video.

The clip explores, through the eyes of an eerie, jester-looking character, the idea of what happens to potential realities that shouldn’t exist in the material universe.

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