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Band Milo Gore self-releases heartbreaking indie-alternative song ‘Green Eyes’

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Indie-alternative band Milo Gore has just self-released their new single that tugs at the heartstrings titled ‘Green Eyes’. Music blog Relish Rock comments on the single, “You can hear the sincerity in lead singer  Milo’s vocals and lyrics, and you feel emotionally connected to the world of the song. The buoyant guitar riffs, and pounding drums provide a bit of relief to the emotionally raw and confessional lyrics.” 
The band is led by the founder, and lead singer Milo. He has mentioned in previous statements that this upcoming album is documenting his struggles with mental health, and drug addiction amongst other themes of love and loss. The band has cited Girl in Red, Penelope Isles, The 1975, Bears Den and Idles as highly influential to their sound. ‘Green Eyes’ hooks the listener with its lively instrumental intro right at the start, and pulsating sound throughout. Once you listen to Milo’s vocals and lyrics, you cannot switch off. You will feel emotionally attached until the last second of the song. 
Milo Gore shares, “’Green Eyes’ is a tale of love and loss. It is a song about learning to dance on your own again. Learning to love yourself again, learning to be happy again, and ultimately content with being alone. It discusses the moment when the one you love has gone from your life, and you are forced into learning to love yourself, and the others around you, once again.”
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