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Q&A with Indie-pop band Belles

Brighton based Indie quartet Belles have had a fast start since forming in Early 2018. They make music that is both nostalgic and current, focusing on catchy choruses and powerful drops.

Having already received acclaim from the likes of BBC Introducing and Indie Central Music, Belles are undoubtedly proving their talent with anthemic melodies that combine their indie roots with pop sensibilities.

How has your musical background helped shape your sound?

We all come from families that are into/at least enjoy music, so our parent’s musical tastes have naturally had an impact on some of the music that we listen to. We’ve all also been playing in bands since we’ve been physically able too, and we think having such a long background in live music definitely affects our sound.

Take us through your songwriting process. Are there any particular steps you take when putting music together?

We like to write together fundamentally. Often one of the lads will have an idea and bring it into a room, or produce a rough demo for us to listen to and then we go from there really. When writing a song we’ll make sure to pay close attention to rhythm and when not to play. We think this is a really good way of making music sound interesting and is a bit of a signature of our sound.

What are or were some of the challenges for you in producing or performing while keeping true to your vision of your music.

With some of our songs, we layered quite a lot of synth parts. Performing this live without hiring a keyboard player (we’d have to feed them/they take up a lot of space and we’ve only ever had tiny cars) was always a problem initially. We addressed this however by using backing tracks and having Alex play along to a click.

Who are three musicians you think the world needs to hear right now?

Three bands we think the world should know better are Marsicans, Palace and Bellevue Days

Studio work and music creation or performing and interacting with a live audience, which do you prefer?

As much as we love the process of creating new music, performing live is the big one for us. There’s genuinely no feeling like engaging with a room full of brand new faces through music. Once we’ve finished a track we can’t wait to share it with the world, face to face.

Any “strange tales” or things that may have happened during a show that seemed too weird to be true?

Turning up to show to play and realising the venue was the back of a truck in a field was a pretty strange one. Great fun though! We’ve also had certain members of the band (who will remain anonymous) Veet their legs before going on stage because it was a really hot day.

Do you find that social media and keeping up with your fans has become overwhelming? Or do you rely heavily on others to take care of that for the band? Which platform would you say that you enjoy engaging with the most?

Absolutely not, there’s something amazing about being able to reach out to people that wouldn’t have been able to access it so easily in years past. We really enjoy how informal Twitter is, and how eager to engage with new bands that a lot of its user-base is.

What is the most memorable response you have had to your music?

The novelty of hearing people sing back our lyrics to us will never wear off. It’s genuinely one of the best feelings in the world.

Breakdown the news for us: what can we expect from you in the near future?

We have a release coming on the 13th of March, with a music video to follow. We’re pairing these with a run of headline shows including stops in Southampton, London and Brighton.
Tickets for London and Brighton are still on sale and dates/ticket information is available on all our pages ✌🏼

Famous last words?

It’ll be alright on the night.

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