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Satire meets desert funk-rock in Jamila & The Other Heroes latest song

We love the weird. We love the unusual. We especially love the weird and unusual when it’s making a political statement. Jamila & The Other Heroes do this with class and style, with their newly released, ‘Aliens In My Bed’ via Springstoff.

Take art-rock meeting neo-psychedelia and you have the true heart of Jamila & The Other Heroes. Speaking of heart, this outfit certainly has it as they explore love in times of capitalism. The satirical lyrics will make you giggle and while the reverberating bass and cheeky guitar line are sure to get stuck in your head. A good combination if you want to send a message to the public.

“We had just performed at Fusion Festival, followed by a discussion about love in times of capitalism. Quite agitated about the ephemerality of love affairs, I created the melody and lyrics under a long post-festival-rush shower in the woods. I had to sing it to myself many times before going to sleep in order to not forget it, because I lost my phone in the festival and could not take a sound memory. Luckily, I remembered everything the morning after and brought it to the band to build the whole arrangement including a Middle Eastern influenced Guitar Riff by Leon Sánchez”

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