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Take a stance against bullying with Saint Mars’ newly released song

Saint Mars, a indie rock band with the best intentions, have just released their latest single, ‘Help’ via Grá Mór Phonic Records. The song was composed by band member Marc Darcange and songwriter Julius Conrad. Tryzdin, lead singer of the band, contributed his personal experiences and thoughts, bringing the song alive with emotion.

The band were previously featured on Muze FM, where they went deep into the antibullying message set by the song:

“I would like to see kids take action any time they see bullying happening in their neighbourhoods or schools. First start with saying something to them yourself and then if things get out of hand, take it to an adult. I went through major bullying as a kid and I still do. I write a lot of the most meaningful songs off of my experiences.” – Tryzdin.

You can read the full interview here. However, Muze FM aren’t the only ones paying attention as the track was originally premiered via Clash Magazine. Could it be the founder of the band (Angelo Bruschini – Massive Attack guitarist) and previous collaborators (Jethro Alonestar Sheeran – Ed Sheeran’s cousin) that are making people pay attention? We don’t think so. We think it’s purely the music.

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