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Songwriter and poet Lux Lyall releases new music video ‘Switchblade Baby’

London’s upcoming starlet Lux Lyall arrives with the video for her seductive new single ‘Switchblade Baby’. A songwriter and poet, Lux melds glamorous Old-Hollywood noir with modern, dark pop sensibilities, laced with an enchanting mystique channeling PJ Harvey, Lana Del Rey, and instrumentation reminiscent of the Bad Seeds.

‘Switchblade Baby’ is a luscious and enticing affair, layered with an elegant arrangement that waltzes beneath Lux’s emotive and sultry voice. The David Lynch-esque video focuses on Lux as she passionately performs to an offbeat audience against a dazzling, glitzy backdrop.

“As I was writing the song, the ‘Switchblade Baby’ character kinda evolved into this patron saint of broken women who aren’t ready to throw in the towel,” explains Lux. “They’re smart as a whip and take no shit – Just gimme a minute to slap on some lipstick, take a sip of my drink and remember who I am. I’ll be just fine.”

‘Switchblade Baby’ is Lux’s second single, following the release of debut ‘Teeth’ back in July. “Teeth’s about the emotional struggle of mental illness,” says Lux. “It’s about being cold, sarcastic and defiant towards those who love you, and then desperate and full of self-hate when you realize there’s no-one left to kick down the bathroom door when you need them. It’s about surviving your own madness and surviving yourself.”

The B-sides to ‘Teeth’ (‘Among the Water, Among the Weeds’) and ‘Switchblade Baby’ (Milk Thistles) are poems taken from Lux’s self-published collection ‘St Valentine’.

With a full album on the way, Lux’s bewitching style and poetic artistry combine to create a charmingly addictive aura that will draw you into a world of evocative and striking storytelling.

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