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Chantitown releases her latest poetry infused song, ‘Strong In Broken Places’

Imagine a darkened bar room, the faint smell of smoke still lingering in the walls despite no one smoking in there for years. In front of you is a simply crafted stage, the only light in the room focusing on it. This is the way to listen to Chantitown’s latest single, ‘Strong In Broken Places’.

The track was released last Friday, with support received from Vents Magazine. You can read the article here. ‘Strong In Broken Places’ is taken from Chantitown’s upcoming EP Camouflage which will be released on the 11th of October. We previously featured Chantitown ahead of the release of her debut EP. You can read that feature here.

Camouflage EP Tracklist:
01.  Strong in Broken Places
02.  Alive
03.  Young and the Foolish
04.  Somebody Else

Chantitown has received support from a number of big publications. However, we feel her track, ‘River’ was overlooked by many aside from Fguk Magazine. “‘River’ sees Chantitown conjure up visions of rolling waters and hilled landscapes in my mind pool as this multi-genre inspired track fuses guitar with Chantitown’s impeccably light vocals.” – Fguk Mag made sure the listeners knew what to envision. You can read the full feature here.

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