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Joywave shares music video ‘Obsession’

Joywave have released the video for their new single, ‘Obsession’. It was directed by Laura Gorun, Cooper Roussel, Dimitri Basil (Kings Of Leon, Vance Joy) and shot entirely on analog film with the support of Kodak, an iconic industrial staple of the band’s hometown of Rochester in New York.

The video, a montage of cinematic vignettes, showcases the wry humour of the band as they “star” in various movie trailer spoofs ranging from westerns to heist to horror films.  Shooting on film gave the video the visual depth and richness of feature films and is a favourite medium ofJoywave, who themselves shoot on various Kodak film stocks.

 This cinematic romp follows Joywave’s recent collaboration with Marvel Comics which featured an exclusive comicstrip starring The Avengers, including Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Thor, and self-proclaimed Joywave fan Captain America, as well as the release of their extraordinary and chill-inducing song ‘Like A Kennedy’ and its powerfully resonant companion video.

‘Obsession’ and ‘Like A Kennedy’ each offer an unmistakable display of Joywave’s evolution from the basement to the big stage, fearlessly assimilating genres, motifs, and big ideas into its own one-of-a-kind identity. Additional new tracks and companion visuals will be unveiled throughout the year, followed in 2020 by the eagerly awaited release of their as-yet-untitled third full-length album.

Widely hailed for their inventive, high-energy live performances, Joywave have spent their summer building anticipation for the upcoming album with a series of intimate live performances,’The Possession Sessions’, in the band’s hometown, Los Angeles and Brooklyn. The run concludes with an exclusive headline show at London’s The Lexington on November 20th.



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Indie rock musician Ro Bergman grants exclusive interview

Austrian indie rocker Ro Bergman has just released the music video for his track, ‘Clouds’. The video was premiered via The 405 who described it as, “A soothing visual feature extending the theme set out by the track title”. While only being released for a few days, there have already been positive comments coming in across Youtube and Soundcloud.

The video features the breathtaking  Kitzbüheler Alps along with Ro Bergman himself coming together in muted blue tones that suite the mood of the track. Clearly, the broad, picturesque film shots appeal to Bergman as his previous music video for ‘Horizon’ features the imposing Wadi Rum Desert and Petra, Jordan. You can read our feature on it here.

We decided to return to our interviews by chatting to this avid travelling musician and finding out what else creates inspiration for him.

Hi Ro, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. How are you and what are you up to today?
I´m just writing new songs. Yesterday I came back from Berlin and in the evening I went for a hike in my home area. This felt really good and decelerating.

You’ve just released the music video for your latest single, ‘Clouds’. What has the response been like so far?
The response was quite overwhelming. Especially that it went so international. From Swiss to the UK to South Africa to the US to Austria to Argentina etc.

Tell us about the concept behind the track
I started to write the song in Iceland the very early morning in a open room with an amazing view. I looked at the clouds and thought that wherever and idea starts from it can grow big.

Where do you gather songwriting inspiration?
Honestly, I am inspired by almost everything that surrounds me. Most of the time I have a starting line or a word and then I start to build the song around this theme or feeling. Sometimes a new instrument or new surroundings inspire me a lot.

What were the best and worst gigs you have ever done? Why?
Worst: I once played a concert in Bucharest at a very, very big open-air area. I was ill and there were just around 100 people in the audience. But I thought even though there were not that many people, I should try to make this situation the best for all of us. In the end it was a really good experience.

Best: Every time I feel really connected to the audience. I played one of my earlier shows in Munich. At that time   just had one song released. But somehow half of the audience was singing with me. I was totally surprised.
In general, I really love playing live – it´s a magical and somehow indescribable thing… being totally in the moment and feeling the energy of the crowd is absolutely exhilarating. Even if I have to struggle with a lot of stage fright before the concert.

If we gave you the funds for creating your own festival, where would you have it and who would you have performing?
I would book the National, Fink, Ben Howard, Bon Iver, Beck and Steaming Satellites. Close to a lake in Austria or in one of those unique parks in England.

What last words would you like to leave for your listeners?
Live is short – so do what you love most. Everything is possible.

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Charming Liars share new acoustic music video ‘Insomnia’

Following the release of their debut album Thought, Flesh and Bone in March, Anglo-American trio Charming Liars are continuing their breakout year in style. Along with the recent release of their EP of reworked and reimagined songs Bare Bones, they’ve just revealed an acoustic video for the graceful and poignant track ‘Insomnia’ ahead of their upcoming UK tour dates. It’s the follow up to their US hit ‘Something Dark’.

The band kick off with a performance at The Borderline in London on Thursday 22nd August supporting Night Riots, then have two headline shows in Coventry and Southampton before joining The Faim for a string of UK shows. They’ll be delivering their mesmerising brand of rock to hordes of new faces before they jet back overseas to support Angels & Airwaves all over the USA.

Charming Liars evolution began in London’s West End when Karnig Manoukian and Mike Kruger were still in their teens. They both came from homes with wide ranging and eclectic musical tastes, and that early exposure informed their approach to making music.  They started writing and playing together in a series of bands and honed their musicianship with several tours up and down the UK.

In 2013 they decided to make the move to Los Angeles, in part spurred on by an encouraging social media message from songwriter and producer John Feldmann (Panic! at the Disco, Plain White T’s, 5 Seconds of Summer, Blink-182) who told them to look him up for a songwriting session if they were ever in town. They connected with singer Kiliyan Maguire through a mutual friend while he was attending The Musicians Institute in Hollywood and soon realised that they had an organic musical chemistry that would lead to interesting possibilities. From this Charming Liars was born.

2016 saw their debut single ‘Soul’ reach number 40 on the US Alternative Radio Charts and since then follow up singles ‘Something Dark’, ‘Like A Drug’ and ‘Insomnia’ have all been US Alternative Radio hits. They have built a worldwide following with constant touring, playing across the entire U.S. as well as Mexico, South America, the UK and Europe, including recent stints with Tokio Hotel and Dorothy.


Aug 29th – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh (supporting The Faim)
Aug 30th – Arts Club, Liverpool (supporting The Faim)
Aug 31st – Corporation, Sheffield (supporting The Faim)
Sept 1st – Epic Studios, Norwich (supporting The Faim)

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Stone Jack Jones shares new song ‘Mary Mary’

Nashville-based indie folk artist Stone Jack Jones announces his new album Black Snake, sharing lead single “Mary Mary.” Yesterday, Glide Magazine premiered the track and announced the upcoming release, calling it, “a gritty and emotive nugget that captures Jones at his most poignant. There is a breezy and cinematic aura to the track that mixes Blood on the Tracks Bob Dylan production with Jones’ well-seasoned Nashville voice.” Black Snake LP is out September 13th via yk Records.

Stone Jack Jones’s latest album is three songs of death, two of madness, two of love and the song of a journey. Recorded with Roger Moutenot (Bill Frisell, Joseph Arthur, Yo La Tengo, KORT) at Haptown, his tucked away studio in Nashville, TN, Black Snake takes a dark folk sound and spins it into a uniquely psychedelic sonic tale.

Collaborations from a host of Nashville musicians flesh out the compositions into the dark tomes. Kyle Hamlett (lylas), Rodrigo Avendano (Coupler, Sun Seeker, Soccer Mommy), Patrick Damphier, Luke Schneider (Margo Price, William Tyler), Katie Banyay (Idle Bloom), Stewart Bronaugh (Lionlimb), Gyasi, Scott Martin and Madeleine Besson are among the contributors.

The album’s cover art depicts original artwork from Stone Jack Jones’s son, Logan Jones, and the album was mastered by Jim DeMain at Yes Master.

01. I’m Gone
02. Heyell
03. O Brother
04. Mary Mary
05. Story
06. Crying Shame
07. #BeautifulDay
08. I Can See


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Young Mister set to release new song ‘What If I?’

Young Mister, aka North Carolina-based singer-songwriter Steven Fiore, has been stitching songs together out of the tossed-off scraps of life for over a decade now. Through an 8-year stint writing for Universal Music Publishing Group, to collaborations with artists as varied as Art Garfunkel and Ryan Cabrera, to sharing stages internationally with the likes of Albert Lee, Jeff Goldblum, Pete Yorn and Lori McKenna, to independently garnering over 8 million streams across Spotify and Apple Music, his eye for detail and ear for melody has always had a habit of disarming and charming music lovers worldwide. He writes like a journalist assigned to cover the human heart; no bombast, no hyperventilating, just honest truths about love and life that can only be expressed through the inscrutable alchemy of a song — and with his newest collection, Sudden Swoon, he might have accidentally reinvented not only himself but the entire process of releasing an album in the modern age.

Armed with a small but loyal fanbase, and with a creeping feeling of disillusionment towards the music business growing in his stomach, Fiore wrote the songs that would become Sudden Swoon without knowing how, or even if he’d release them. They paint the corners of the landscape from a life teetering between youth and middle age, love that’s balanced on a shaking tightrope, and dreams that seem to turn to smoke every time they get close enough to grasp. It’s harrowing, relatable stuff. As an album with its own identity started to take shape, and the songs kept coming, he realized that just throwing them online and reaping the streams would be less than the music deserved, so he partnered up with some good friends at Refresh Records and the Young Mister Record Club was born.
While he worked on the tracks in his home studio (affectionately dubbed ‘The Study’), he also posted demos online to record club members almost as soon as they were written. After sharing twenty songs, he let the members vote on which would get the full studio treatment and a slot on the album. While this kind of crowdsourcing could be anxiety-inducing, it was also liberating, and it galvanized that fan base into an even more personal connection with Young Mister’s music. Now set for release in September of 2019, with a finalized track list full of some of his sharpest writing yet, Sudden Swoon is poised to further the career of an artist whose literate, emotional pop songs always seem to find their audience, one way or another.

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UV Rays shares new song ‘Faster Now’

Brooklyn-based indie rock band UV Rays share their new single “Faster Now.” Yesterday, The 405 exclusively premiered the track with praise, calling it “a shimmering new single that showcases the band’s knack for earworm melodies and airtight grooves.” The band will be performing at Soundtown NYC Festival on August 17th at Pianos – RSVP to the event here for more information. The Right Stuff EP is out August 9th.

Coming quick on the heels of the Try and Begin EP, the Brooklyn four piece UV Rays have returned with The Right Stuff EP, a three-song collection of infectious indie rock that further establishes them as some of the most exciting songwriters in the city. While Try and Begin cast a wide net, demonstrating UV Rays’ knack for melding complex instrumental arrangements with pop sensibilities, The Right Stuff presents a more streamlined side of the band that proudly puts their dynamic vocal melodies at the center of the action.

If there’s a guiding light here, it’s the defunct-but-not-forgotten Scottish indie band Life Without Buildings, whose playful and exuberant 2001 cult classic Any Other City is referenced in the EP’s title. “Their songs are weightless while being conscious of the weight of the world,” explains guitarist and co-vocalist Adrien DeFontaine. “Those were the moments we were looking for, too.”

Those moments abound in The Right Stuff. The punchy “Girlfriend,” for instance, on which DeFontaine takes lead vocals, is a rocket-fueled blast of indie rock, pulling inspiration from Nirvana, the Beatles and, the Buzzcocks; yet the song also addresses debilitating social anxiety. Additionally, opening track “Overrated,” sung by drummer Erica Warner, begins with a thicket of snarling guitars before launching headfirst into one of the band’s catchiest choruses to date, despite its menacing cult-y overtones. “We’re genuinely not as selectively welcoming as the song portrays, but like, close enough,” Warner quips. Closing track “Faster Now,” written and sung by bassist Tim Marchetta-Wood, pairs a soaring melody with guitarist Danny Sullivan’s angular riffs to gripping effect. “Danny’s riff just made the song so much stronger,” Marchetta-Wood exclaims.

To record The Right Stuff, the band found ideal collaborators in Julian Fader and Carlos Hernandez, of the veteran New York indie group Ava Luna, who tracked and mixed The Right Stuff at their own Gravesend Studios in just three days, leaving no room to belabor the arrangements. “That time frame forced us to make decisions and commit to them,“ says DeFontaine. “We captured cleaner versions of the demos,” adds Fader, “but I’ll be damned if the songs weren’t good from the start.”

On The Right Stuff, UV Rays highlight their newfound penchant for pared-down arrangements and bold melodies. But just because they’ve taken this opportunity to eschew their previous maximalist approach doesn’t mean they won’t revisit it soon enough. There is more music on the way from UV Rays; as The Right Stuff makes clear, we shouldn’t expect them to stay in any one place for long. – Max Savage Levenson

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Oh Sees Released Their New Music Video ‘Captain Loosely’

Oh Sees have shared the video for their new track “Captain Loosely”. Director Matt Yoka shot the video down in El Paso at the border of US and Mexico. It’s a subtle instrumental track with stunning visuals.

The band also made a statement on the recent tragedy in El Paso, Tx:

“In reflection of the very recent murder of innocents in El Paso , we send our love to the victims and the victims families. We record in Tornillo TX (right near El Paso) and are very much in love with the people and families of these border cities. We paired up with Matt Yoka to make this minute dream scape of life and commotion on the border in these often brutal times. People from anywhere on the planet have the right to ask for asylum in our country. This is one of the building blocks of our nation that we are failing to uphold. Hate and fear have been a cancer in the dark corners of our country through its history, violently making its way to the surface. We must resist and fight this evil at all costs.”
– Love, Oh Sees

Director Matt Yoka added, “This video is a space for reflection. How has this bad dream become our reality? Now, with news of the hateful massacre that occurred in El Paso… I fear we are slipping further into a nightmare. I pray that love and empathy will wake us up soon.”

Two weeks ago, the band shared the video for “Heartworm” on Kerrang!. The band also announced that their 8/9 show in Pioneertown will benefit the East L.A. Women’s Center. Earlier last month the band debuted the “Poisoned Stones” video on Stereogum. In June, the band announced a new double LP titled Face Stabber. Along with the LP announcement, the band shared the 20+ minute track “Henchlock”. Face Stabber is out 8/16 via Castle Face Records. The band also announced new dates as part of their lengthy North American tour this fall. Dates are below.

Tour Dates:

 9 Pioneertown, CA Pappy and Harriet’s *

17 Omaha, NE Maha Festival

23 Charleville Cabaret Vert festival

24 Guéret Check-in Festival

27 Ravenna Hana-Bi (Free)

29 Vienna Arena

30 Munich Strom

31 Berlin Kreuzberg Festsaal

1 Brussels Les Botaniquesen

3 Bordeaux BT 59

4 Toulouse Le Bikini

5 Paris Le Bataclan

6 London Troxy

7 Amsterdam Paradiso

30 San Francisco, CA The Chapel

1 San Francisco, CA The Chapel

2 San Francisco, CA The Chapel

4 Portland, OR Crystal Ballroom

5 Seattle, WA Neumos

6 Seattle, WA Neumos

7 Vancouver, BC Rickshaw Theatre

10 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue Ballroom

11 Chicago, IL Thalia Hall

12 Chicago, IL Thalia Hall

13 Cleveland, OH Beachland Ballroom

14 Toronto, ON Danforth Music Hall

15 Montreal, QC Le National

16 Cambridge, MA The Sinclair

18 Brooklyn, NY Warsaw

19 Brooklyn, NY Warsaw

20 Brooklyn, NY Warsaw

22 Philadelphia, PA Union Transfer

23 Carrboro, NC Cat’s Cradle

24 Nashville, TN Mercy Lounge

25 New Orleans, LA One Eyed Jacks

26 Austin TX Hotel Vegas

27 Austin, TX Hotel Vegas

29 Albuquerque, NM Sister Bar

31 Los Angeles, CA Teragram Ballroom

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Indie Star Ro Bergman Shares His New Song ‘Horizon’

The indie-rocker Ro Bergman has just released his new music video for his track ‘Horizon’ via Bergman Music, directed by Acoda. Bergman has already racked up over 50 000 Spotify streams and 41 000 Youtube views, and looks set to increase that number with this cinematic offering.

The video is set in the Wadi Rum Desert of Jordan. ‘Horizon’ is an artistic masterpiece, depicting big blue skies, beautiful wide-open desert with a determined Bergman trotting through the landscape, while his lyrics of encouragement speak of new horizons and new beginnings. The setting of the video gives rise to a sense of freedom, contrasted by  a looming feeling of isolation in the desert, whilst the shots of Bergman standing before monumental desert temples metaphorically depict a search for truth.

Speaking of the track Bergman notes: “Out of the underground into the open, I had to write ‘Horizon’ to break out and see my new horizons.”

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Four piece indie-punk band Declan Welsh and The Decadent West announce live tour dates for winter 2019

With their debut album ‘Cheaply Bought, Expensively Sold’ now in sight (out 18 October 2019 via Modern Sky UK), the four piece will be piggy-backing its release with a 15 date tour immediately after.
Kicking off, in every sense, on the 31st of October (or ‘Brexit Day’ in case it had slipped your mind…), the Glaswegian band will be taking their politically charged indie-punk to the irate masses in a run of shows that will stretch across Scotland, England and Wales.
Full dates and details as follows:
Thurs 31 Newcastle Think Tank 
Sun 3 Brighton Hope & Ruin 
Mon 4 Bristol Louisiana
Tues 5 London Notting Hill Arts Club
Wed 6 Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach 
Fri 8 Blackpool Bootleg Social 
Sat 9 Liverpool Phase One 
Sun 10 Leeds Lending Room 
Mon 11 Manchester Jimmys 
Wed 13 Leicester Cookie 
Thurs 14 Halifax Lantern 
Fri 15 Glasgow St Lukes
Sun 17 Inverness Mad Hatters
Mon 18 Aberdeen Tunnels
Tues 19 Dundee Beat Generator

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