Listen to David Baron’s People of No Concern’ (feat. Lettie & Madeleine)

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger, mixer and engineer David Baron has released his new single, ‘People of No Concern’ (feat. Lettie & Madeleine)  via Here & Now Recordings. Here he collaborates with 11-year-old Madeleine, an avid singer, guitar player and gymnast, and Lettie, a London based singer-songwriter composer who has, since 2008, released three albums with Baron.

David inherited his musical proclivity from his father, Aaron Baron – a renowned remote recording pioneer. He was the man behind  Location Recorders, hired to record ‘Stage Fright’ for The Band at the Woodstock Playhouse, and he also recorded BB King, The Allman Brothers Band, Blue Oyster Cult, Barbara Streisand, Charles Mingus, Herbie Hancock, Chicago, Todd Rundgren.

The emotional imprint of ‘People of No Concern’ (feat. Lettie & Madeleine)  moves beyond the melodic vocals and thoughtful songcraft. Baron has created what he describes as “ a magical musical conversation between two angels.”  He goes on to explain: “Combining small string ensemble, classical piano, and evolving EMS Synthi analogue tones with the power of human voices both young and older.”

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