Amycanbe’s ‘Grano (Flow Mix by Mark Plati)’ is a breathtaking tour-de-force

Amycanbe have released a sterling remix of their 2015 track ‘Grano’ by Mark Plati, to be included on their latest album White Slide EP. Plati has worked extensively with the band before, dating back to 2009, and also produced their 2011 album ‘Mountain Whales.’

For our last few records we collaborated with Mark Plati (who has mixed 90% of our songs since 2009); he really has a good ear for music!” says Amycanbe’s Marco. “He has the talent to get the maximum potential from a song, as we envision it in our minds. For example ‘Grano’ is absolutely perfect; exactly how I imagined it. It has always been our favorite song from the Wolf album, and probably one of his favorites as well. He chose it for a remix (almost a re-work), which we would like to include here in this release – very nice, great fun!

Mark Plati’s ‘Flow Mix’ adds a whole new dimension to the track, adding atmospheric layers while maintaining a sense of respect for the original. The result is a breathtaking tour-de-force of synths and basslines, certainly reinvigorating interest in the 2015 version.

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