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Indie-folk duo, Firewoodisland, releases the poignant and introspective ‘Storm’

Folk music used to be all the rage a couple of years ago. It’s a genre that had to reinvent itself to stay current in our ever-changing music scene. But sometimes, an act comes along that shows you what you loved about folk from the beginning. Like seeing an ex-lover passing across the street, you yearn for the touch again. Enter Firewoodisland

A perfect blend of Of Monsters and Men’s ‘mountain-pop’ sound and Bon Iver’s ethereal vocal work/masterful writing, Firewoodisland’s ‘Storm’ is the track you’ve been waiting for. A powerful track asking the listener to either “give in or let go“; this track has the possibility of hitting deep. It’s tender, vulnerable and sensitive, yet unapologetically delves into the psyche of the self, picking apart all of your flaws and allowing a serene moment of introspection. The best way to improve the world, is to start critically looking at yourself and trying to better yourself. 

Swooping string sections are interlaced with powerful, yet understated percussion while the keys drive most of the melody forward while the song grows bigger with each passing second. Like a storm building it’s momentum on the horizon, Firewoodisland grows with each release; never failing to let down.  

On the inspiration behind their new single, Firewoodisland explains, “The idea for ‘Storm’ and most of the song shot down like lightning in the autumn of 2018. The weather was behaving really strangely and our neighbourhood ended up being the centre of a storm. This ironically mirrored our personal lives in a stressful and chaotic season. ‘Storm’ is about being able to accept and abide in the turbulent circumstances that you’re in, and not to be consumed by them.”

Their anthemic sound has been heard on stages at festivals like Corston Fields, Farmfest, Oxjam Cardiff Takeover, main support at Vikedal Roots Music Festival and at BBC’s Introducing stage at Latitude Festival 2017 as well as supporting Bear’s Den on Record Store Day in St. Giles Church, London. On the 29th of March, Firewoodisland will be headlining Richer Unsigned’s lunchtime showcase to an exclusive audience of music industry professionals. No stranger to television, their music has been featured in Saving Hope’s promo advert, in several Teen Mom and Unge Lovende episodes, plus their single ‘Soldier’ will be featured on Netflix’s ‘Shadow Hunters’ which is scheduled to air towards the end of February.

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