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Indie-rockers, At Pavillon, proves they’re here to stay with electrifying new single/video, ‘Believers’, days ahead of debut album launch

Calling me an optimist says you are a pessimist

If you’re a fan of The Killers, Two Door Cinema Club or Cage The Elephant, then At Pavillon needs to be on your radar immediately. They’re sound is the latest in European acts that have their eyes set on the global market, and it seems as though they’re edging closer with each release. 

Austrian four-piece At Pavillon release their final pre-album single, ‘Believers’ on the 18th of January via Las Vegas Records. ‘Believers’ follows the release of their debut single, ‘All Eyes On You’, ‘Stop This War’ and ‘Lions’ which included a remix by Kitsuné signee IS TROPICAL.

Inspired by diaspora-artists who have faced socio-political issues based on their social, ethnical, cultural or migrational backgrounds, At Pavillon draw influences from Queen’s Freddie Mercury, Bob Marley, and M.I.A as they admire public figures who stand up for causes bigger than themselves. Although drawing from classic indie-rock sounds, At Pavillon has a unique sound created by a combination of Mwita Mataro’s signature vocals, inspiration from the pop and funk genres and the entire band’s tight energy that they bring to all their tracks. At Pavillon manages to create uplifting indie-rock music that delivers a powerful and concise message, driving a call to action from political leaders and listeners alike

Already seeing vast support across the European market, At Pavillon has released another surefire hit with the release of ‘Believers’. Hitting the ground running after the success of their previous single ‘Lions’, the new song is even bigger (and dare we say better?). Known for their fun tracks with an important message, ‘Believers’ is a call to action for listeners to believe in themselves and not get caught up in the negative aspects of the world around us. 

Allow At Pavillon to empower you. Let them guide your feet on the dancefloor. Or, in At Pavillon’s own words, “’Believers’ should empower the listener in their belief in themselves. ‘Believers’ is a call to stay optimistic, even in times when society is branding you naive.”

Watch the music video for At Pavillon – Believers:

Upcoming tour dates for At Pavillon:
13.03.2019 Zehner/München, Germany
14.03.2019 – Stuttgart / Merlin
15.03.2019 – Köln / Stereo Wonderland
16.03.2019 – Leipzig / Neues Schauspiel
18.03.2019 Nochtwache/Hamburg, Germany
19.03.2019 – BREMEN / Tower Music Club
20.03.2019 Badehaus / Berlin, Germany
23.03.2019 Linz / Stadtwerkstatt

05.04.2019 Mödling / Bühne mayer

25.04.2019 Salzburg / Rockhouse
25.05.2019 Dorbirn / Spielboden

Tracklist for Believe Us:
1. Believers
3. Lions
4. Face It
5. Disco Demolition Night
6. Cindy
7. Ketamine
8. Mama
9. Stop This War
10. All Eyes On You
11. Vienna

Watch the music video for ‘Lions’ below:

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