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Norwegian artist Hilma Nikolaisen prepares sophomore album release, shares indie-blues influenced single “Light Shines”

Ahead of the release of her second album Mjusic (out on 30 November via Fysisk Format), Norwegian musician Hilma Nikolaisen shares the new single “Light Shines” with Clash, who called it, “a bluesy salute to The Light.”

Nikolaisen was previously known as being the bass player in her brother Emil‘s band Serena Maneesh, where she not only contributed significantly to the expression of Emil’s musical vision, but her valkyric stage presence also made her an iconic part of the band’s visual identity. Her debut album Puzzler was released in late 2016 to critical acclaim and was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy (Spellemannpris). She’s back with her second solo album Mjusic, which builds upon her debut, but utterly refined and with more attitude and immediacy.

“Light Shines” is simply an ode to The Light. This recording contains a bunch of family members. Brother Ivar and Sister Anna sing, and brother Emil joins in on drums. “Light Shines” was mixed by the great Mattias Glavå in Gothenburg.

Stream “Light Shines” by Hilma Nikolaisen below

Mjusic is Hilma Nikolaisen’s follow-up to her warmly received debut Puzzler (2016). It takes its title from a childhood punk band she started together with her brother Ivar in 1987, at the tender age of five. This time Ivar Nikolaisen (Kvelertak) appears on several of her songs, along with other siblings, and so the mjusic continues. While Puzzlerwas years in the making, with songs written over a longer stretch of time, Mjusic was conceived in a more spontaneous way. This time Nikolaisen has acted more freely on her intuition and imagination throughout the process.

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