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In Review: We take a look at the ‘Inner Dynamics’ of Theodore’s new album

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Theodore, has just recently brought out his full-length album, ‘Inner Dynamics’, via Greek label United We Fly. The LP is a cinematic rock triumph and was recorded in only forty-five days; hopping from style to style in every track, the multi-talented musician experiments, entertains and entrances.

The first track on ‘Inner Dynamics’ immediately showcases Theodore’s versatility; simultaneously providing the listener with the rebellious pulse of a rock track, while maintaining a pensive, cinematic sound using vocal layers and symphonic guitar melodies, all the while spreading reverb over every instrument. The second track, ‘Disorientation’, is most definitely a highlight on the album; the track is ballad-like, but feels too ominous to be labelled as such, and, on top of this, certainly lives up to its name, ‘Disorientation’. Vocal samples of whispers swell and fade throughout the piece, almost driving one to madness.

‘For a While’ takes a step back from the eerie and instead provides us with a more ambient, plaintive piece. Theodore creates a ‘twinkling’ in this track that pushes all the elements along, until they grow into a slowly and carefully drummed pace, preparing us for the subsequent track, ‘Alcyone’. The word is derived from ancient greek mythology, and the piece of music itself provides the listener with a glittering, thoughtful interlude, an instrumental piece that helps guide us through the maze built by Theodore’s sounds.

Track five, ‘Naive’, begins with a sound palette not unlike that used in the post-rock genre, with spacey synth and muted electric guitar; more cinematic and deliberate, there is a hint of anger or dissatisfaction in ‘Naive’ that provokes the listener, asking for a visceral reaction. Theodore then cleverly gives us a track that brings down the energy, ‘Floating’, which (as with ‘Disorientation’, and ‘Fluttering’) is true in sound to its name. The drum beat on this track is one that seems to purposefully trip over itself, adding to the dreamy effect that the ‘floating’ synth solos create, as well as the overall experimental mood of the piece.

The next track, ‘Not For You’, is also expertly placed, as it deliberately goes against the experimental ideology present in ‘Floating’. Instead, ‘Not For You’ is a stripped-back, straightforward ballad, showcasing Theodore’s exquisite piano skills and wistful vocal melodies. ‘Spit Blood Out’ again changes our perspective, a track that shifts effortlessly between dynamics, all held together by energetic guitar and drums and an infectious walking bassline. It’s as if as soon as the listener is comfortable, Theodore whisks them away to a whole new world, where nothing is predictable.

‘Inner Dynamics’’ penultimate track, ‘More Than One’, gives us the epic, deliberate and orchestral track we need to lead up to a big finish. The piece collapses into discordance, leaving one feeling helpless, but piqued. We are taken home with ‘Fluttering’, with it’s literally fluttering drum-beat and piano that gently rises and falls, giving us a sense of motion. It feels like the appropriate outro, like the end of a grand piece of symphonic music, to go out, not with a bang, but with a flutter.

Listen to ‘Inner Dynamics’ by Theodore, below:

Theodore’s Upcoming Shows:
15 November: L’astral, M for Montreal, Montreal [CA]
16 November: Patro Vys, M for Montreal [CA]
23 November: Treibsand, Lübeck [DE]
24 November: Hansa48, Kiel [DE]
26 November: Die Nato, Leipzig [DE]
27 November: MTC, Köln [DE]
28 November: Musik und Frieden, Berlin [DE]
29 November: Häkken, Hamburg [DE]
30 November: Kleinkunstbühne, Bremen [DE]
1 December: Ms Loretta, Celle [DE]
6 December: Ekfrasi Theatre, Ioannina [GR]

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