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Up and coming UK indie-pop act, Jamws, shares new single, ‘Catalina’

South London based indie act, Jamws, shared a new single ‘Catalina’, a debut for the artist. Previously a part of the band Waking Aida, Jamws started as a bedroom producer and has since taken to stages across London at places like (amongst others) Oslo, the Victoria and The Waiting Room earlier in the year.

The new single, ‘Catalina’, is a piano filled alt-pop track that will make you bop along as the synths effortlessly floats across the driving and laidback beat. While the tender vocals from Jamws carry you forward, you can’t help but think this is the perfect Sunday-chillout track to have a relaxing day to.

If this is the first release Jamws has to offer, then I’m very excited to see what the future holds for this up and coming UK act!

On ‘Catalina’, Jamws said: “This is my first ever straight-up pop song. I have a habit of overthinking the things I write and can lose track of the emotion I’m trying to create but Catalina came naturally. When I was writing the music I’d think a lot about Chance the Rapper and Anderson .Paak, I felt really drawn to an optimistic summer gospel, hip hop sound. The lyrics and melody just fell out of me, I didn’t think about the words so much but they just felt right.”

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