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Brooklyn-based indie-rockers Native Sun reveal new single from forthcoming EP

Brooklyn-based rockers Native Sun’s announce new EP, Always Different, Always The Same. They also premiered the first single “Big Succ(ess)”. When talking about the track the band states, “Big Succ(ess)” sheds light on the empowerment of the immigrant experience and identity. The ability to utilize oppression and detriment to breed passion.”

Loud and urgent, their music is bred by the beautiful chaos born of a first-generation passion and drive. In our time of division, the four-piece brings their contexts into the forefront…unabashedly reimagining through their (mostly) brown mouths, the sound of white Americana owned by the Lous, Bobs, and Iggys.

Stream “Big Succ(ess)” by Native Sun below
Frontman Dany Gomez met lead guitarist Jake Pflum as a kid in Florida. Life led them apart and reunited them on a random evening in the city. They rekindled their friendship over their mutual obsession with The Rolling Stones, VU, T. Rex, Neil Young, etc. Immediately, they forced their bestfriend Alexis Castro to pick up the drum sticks. Bassist Mo Martinez came to them at the height of 2016’s turmoil after uprooting from Monterrey, Mexico and naturally completed the band’s lineup (accompanied with sporadic appearances on keys from Detroit’s favorite mystic child Juju Anderson) … thus the swindle continues.

Look out for more from Native Sun in the forthcoming months!

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