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Annie Goodchild announces new EP and shares new single; ‘Ether’

Cosmopolitan soulful songstress, Annie Goodchild, has announced her new EP Meditative Mouthfuls set to be released on 28 September and to make the time pass quicker, she has also shared an incredible new single, ‘Ether’ via Radicalis Music

Annie Goodchild is no stranger to the music industry having been part of it her whole life She has seen big success as a vocalist on the popular Youtube channel Postmodern Jukebox where her videos have been streamed just under 8 million times. She’s had similar success on Spotify as she currently has more than 3.7 million streams. 

Meditative Mouthfuls is Goodchild’s second EP and was produced by the talented Berlin-based Hannes Butzer who is well known for his collaboration with underground alternative pop and singer-songwriter musicians, such as Mogli and L’aupaire

On her latest single, Annie explains: ‘Ether’ is a song I wrote for myself, which is a first. A reminder of self-love. It came out during a time where I consciously decided to not let fear dictate my path anymore. It’s not about everything becoming easy all of a sudden, but about a balance between the doubtful and self-conscious parts of me and the part of me that is showing up for myself. I played around with genres and wanted to have electronic elements throughout but not lose the organic feel that grounds the song. This soundscape is a theme throughout my new EP ‘Meditative Mouthfuls’.

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