The 1975 back with an Album release date and an Extra Surprise!

Ready to have your day made?

This October 2018 will bring the release of The 1975 new album! But strap yourself in for only seven months later another album will arrive in May 2019!

The new album will be called ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’. Which in the current day and age might contribute to some next level social commentary with a beautiful soundscape of sounds. Regarding their second album to be released in May 2019, Matthew Healy frontman for The 1975 said that the name for the album will be ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’.

With the announcement of this news, it seems that The 1975‘s classic hit ‘Chocolate’ takes full form referring to the verse ” We’re never gonna’ quit it, no we’re never gonna’ quit it no ” 

Let the excitement sink in.

Do indulge yourself now in this wonderful track from The 1975 called ‘Give Yourself A Try’

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