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Chantitown shares Cause and The Cure

The London-born, former Performing Arts student Chantitown shares her first single taken from her upcoming debut EP “Cause and the Cure” (EP Release Date 13th of July).

The British singer-songwriter and producer received strong support from celebrities: Composer and producer Jim Huswuit (Universal Music, Almeida Theatre), sound engineer Chris Coulter (has worked with Dan Austin, Scott Harding, Pip Willioms to name a few) and percussionist Paul Clarvis (Mick Jagger, Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney).

Chantitown grew up in a household filled with musical influence and received her first musical lesson whilst at still in school, whilst knowing that her passion for music was a “soul-connection that ran deep” , and vowing on this ever since.

On the new single, Chantitown adds, “This song is about someone who left a place they called home for a better future. I tell stories through my songs in hope that some people can relate in some way, or just connect. The particular person this song is based on left his home and country as a child, and reflects back as a grown, accomplished man having done quite well in life – he had never lost the connection with the place he came from. Interestingly enough, social media keeps everyone connected these days, but my father for example, left his country to live in England, and I guess “Cause and the Cure’ is partly inspired by this. Its open to interpretation, but “The Cause” being a reason you leave a place “The Cure” the very same place that heals you spiritually and emotionally”

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