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Avec shares ‘Waiting For’ + live dates

Avec, Austrian singer/songwriter has shared her single ‘Waiting For’ from her upcoming album What If We Never Forget. 

A beautifully crafted track, Avec’s sound is comparable to the magical atmosphere just before the sun sets behind the mountains. It is melancholic but hopeful: the sun will rise again tomorrow. The 22 year old uses her music to  reflect on personal life experiences, weaving her life’s narrative into her sound.

“I wrote the song ‘Waiting For’ during a car ride with my best friend. The clouds were impressive that day and we were driving right into the sunset – it was such a pretty atmosphere. It reminded me that our entire human journey through life is somehow about waiting. It’s a constant condition – we’re all kind of waiting for something or someone, and this can sometimes be really depressing and disappointing” she says.

After the release of her 2015 EP Heartbeats, AVEC has bridged the gap between writing heartfelt lyrics and experimenting with textural sounds. For AVEC, lyrics are the key component to writing music, and language is a place of retreat – which leaves additional room for interpretation. Distancing herself from negative life experiences, AVEC simultaneously shares her own creative story through the powerful portrayal of human life and emotions through her music.

On ‘Waiting For,’ AVEC invites listeners to crawl close to her words, allowing them to slowly come into focus. She crafts a sturdy melody with a pleasantly hazy foreground, while soaking her music in her own surroundings and experiences.

What If We Never Forget is due out on October 26th via Earcandy Records.

Avec’s upcoming live dates:
21.10.2017 – Alter Schlachthof, Wels (AT)
23.10.2017 – Wider die Gewalt, Wien (AT)
25.10.2017 – Kammgarn, Hard (AT)
27.10.2017 – Gare de lion, Wil (CH)
28.10.2017 – nürnberg.pop, Nürnberg (DE)

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