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big Tide releases psychedelic jingle-jangle ‘Half The Time’

Leeds-based musician Ben Thomas has released a new single under his new moniker big tide. ‘Half The Time’ dropped on 6th October via Big Tide Recordings.

A former house music producer, Ben “crossed to the other side” after joining Spectrals on tour as lead guitarist. An enlightening stay in Paris was the final push, and he picked up his 12-string to begin work as big tide.

Thomas recounts that his first explorations into big tide sounded very much in the vein of Big Star and Teenage Fanclub. “I used to get obsessed with trying to be 100% unique, and if a song I wrote had even the slightest whiff of somebody else’s I’d instantly scrap it. With big tide I seem to have lost that, if the song stands up on its own merits I’ll stick with it. After all it’s Rock and Roll, there’s only so many chords. Everyone influences everyone, it’s very freeing” he says.

‘Half The Time’ evokes a feeling of psychedelic jingle-jangle, annexing musical elements from the 60’s –  the electric 12-string guitar being a keystone. However, at the same time the track has a contemporary feel, with Thomas’ lyrics and vocal style setting a cheerful, upbeat tone.

Listen below and buy here.

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