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Watch Hebe’s video for ‘Limits’

Following her singles ‘Tell Me’, “Take Him Down” and ‘I Knew It from the Start’ HEBE has announced the released the video for her latest track ‘Limits.’

‘Limits’ is another example of the contrasting style that HEBE demonstrates in her music. The upbeat melody carries her soulful vocals throughout the electro-induced song. Directed by Monika Vaskorova, a Slovakian filmmaker the ‘Limits’ video is more like an abstract piece of art.  HEBE’s concept for the video was for the listener to see the world as she does. Set in a mountainous, grassy area dancers cloaked in bold colours move around her closing in until she breaks free. Upon closer inspection, the veiled dancers make similar movements to that of our everyday lives.

“‘Limits’ is a cry for honesty” says HEBE “We are fooling ourselves with the games we play, new ways of saying things. We are scared for the truth, but forget how to be sincere and honest with each other.”

HEBE is currently touring the Netherlands with Popronde (a travelling festival) and will be in London come November for a few shows.

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