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Introducing Soulitaire’s ‘New Breed’

Indie singer-songwriter Soulitaire has shared ‘New Breed,’ heralding the release of his new album I Believe In Rainbows. Set to drop on November the 10nd, the album is entirely self produced and will be released via Violet Noise Records.

Soulitaire is the new project of classically trained guitarist Martin Rotheneder. His introduction to music was at the age of six, and through a love of grunge, and 60s and 70s blues, he honed his skills on the electric guitar. After working on on numerous collaborative projects, such as I Am Cereals, The Black Riders and Jaramouche, the metaphorical seed for Soulitaire was planted.

‘New Breed’ is centred around today’s young adults becoming the next architects of our world.. The instrumentals are layered to create a compelling ambience , with lyrics leaning towards the philosophical and the spiritual. The song is about hope, looking through the anxiety and hardships we face, and learning from our struggles.

Listen below:

I Believe In Rainbows Tracklist:
1. Everytime
2. New Breed
3. One Of Many Parts
4. When Elements Collide
5. Start A Movement
6. No
7. You Speak To Me
8. In Between This Noise
9. I Follow You To Everywhere
10. Embrace
11. All Of My
12. Let Loose

Upcoming shows (Austria):
23.9.2017 – Jazzkeller, Krems
5.10.2017 – Cinema Paradiso, St. Poelten
7.10.2017 – Kulturhofkeller, Villach
18.10.2017 – Chelsea, Vienna
30.10.2017 – Platoo Montag in der Scherbe, Graz

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