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Applepie + Bjurman continue their collaboration with ‘Waltz Of Despair’

After considerable success with their previous release ‘Drowning World,’ Andrew Applepie and Sandra Bjurman are cooking up another recipe for success. ‘Waltz Of Despair ft. Bjurman’ has just been released and looks set to follow the success of their previous collaboration, which racked up over 1.7 million views on Youtube channel Mr Suicide Sheep, as well as additional support from tastemaker publications such as Konbini, Earmilk, C-Heads, Paste Mag among others.

At the time, neither of them knew that ‘Drowning World’ would be the beginning of a very successful collaborative engagement,  inspiring them to work on more music together. Bjurman had 5 more songs for an upcoming EP and was about to start production. Thats where the idea was born to create an “Applepie Version” for each song, and release both tracks in a parallel manner. Their contrasting persona’s create an interesting juxtaposition – the dark charismatic songstress, and the happy-go-lucky producer.

And thus, ‘Waltz Of Despair’ was born. Andrew expanded on Sandra’s theme of changes in life by emphasising the beauty and melancholy that goes with them. “When you step a way for a second and reminisce about how life is moving on and you let go of some things and gain some new perspectives and you’re happy and a little sad at the same time” he says.

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