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Mysterious vocalist Flikka releases debut song ‘Ellington’

Swedish vocalist Flikka has released her debut song titled Ellington – A sad love ballad that has an unusual take on love. Her melancholy vocals accompany a simple melody, giving insight to her unique sound. Although the lyrics are heartbreaking, she sings so delicately that anyone wants to fall in love despite her ‘warning’. “Only a fool does it twice..” but you would be a fool if you don’t get the urge to listen to it again and again.

The singer had the following to say about the song; “I don’t think that you really overcome a certain type of love and that we’re not meant to overcome it either. Some love just break you down, shape you and no matter of time or water passing during bridges; some feelings will never change. Some people will always get you unstable and I think that it is something beautiful. A life can be shaped of changes and circumstances but feelings can remain beyond our control. I don’t know why that thought makes me feel safe and frightened at the same time. But that is what Ellington is about.”

She has been compared to the likes of Regina Spektor and Lana Del Rey but who is Flikka? While we wait in hopes of her releasing some more music, you can listen to Ellington here:

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