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Dawa’s ‘Put It Away’ Gets Brilliant New Remix Make-Over

Vienna-based band Dawa will share ‘Put It Away Remixes’ EP on the 16th June via Las Vegas Records.

The EP opens with the band’s original version of ‘Put It Away.’ The remixing kicks off with Austrian singer-songwriter CIO’s rendition of the track which includes adding a soulful flair and additional organ and orchestral elements.
Following this is a version by the frontman of indie-pop band Kommando Elefant – Alfred Oslo, who changes the pace with an additional rhythmic section and hypnotising leads.
Austrian composer Stefan Seelenwald then takes the original to the dancefloor with a groovy rhythmic section that leads the track into a new light. “Since I have a very close relationship with the musicians of DAWA, it is my intention not to change the overall emotion and personal sound of the band when remixing. In the creative process I try to see myself as a fifth band member leaving my ego aside and being as supportive to the groove and attitude as possible”, says Stefan.

The band is made up of John Dawa (vocals/guitar), Barbara Wiesinger (vocals/percussion), Laura Pudelek (cello) and Oama Richson (cajón/percussion.)

“‘Put It Away’ is about focusing on the emotions that are real and true, even while you’re in between moods or struggling to calm down when you know what you are feeling is just a whim and not your real emotion. Because of this very personal statement, it was interesting to see how other artists dealt with the lyrics and effects in their remixes” they said of the album.

Listen to ‘Put It Away (Remixes)’ and buy here:

01 Put It Away
02 Put It Away –  (CIO Remix)
03 Put it Away –  (Alfred Oslo Remix)
04 Put it Away –  (Stefan Seelenwald Remix) Radio Version
05 Put it Away –  (Stefan Seelenwald Remix) Club Version

Catch Dawa LIVE!
30 June – Night against poverty, City Hall / Vienna
21 July –  Acoustic Lakeside Festival / Sittersdorf, KTN
28 July – Rock the Park / Groß Gerungs, Lower Austria
11/12.August – Free Tree Open Air Festival / Taiskrichen im Innkreis, OÖ
13 December – Concert Hall in Vienna

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