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New Video // HAJK // ‘Not Anymore’

All the way from Oslo come the eclectic band known as “Hajk” who have just released their first album, fronted by Preben Saelid and Sigrid Aase (vocals) together with Johan Norde on (drums), Knut Olav Buverud Sandvik on (bass) and Einar Neiss Haugeth on (keys).

Their first released single “Common Sense” was listed by Norwegian radio stations pretty much from the first note that was played and their second release “Magazine” was listed by Indie Shuffle as one of their top 10 tracks of 2016.

Following this is the release of “Not Anymore’s” official video, described by DIY as “A lilting, gorgeously restrained number that still manages to pack an emotional punch.”

Have a watch below:

New Music News

Waking Aida Release Their First Lyrical Track

London- based band, Waking Aida, who describe their sound as ‘post-adventure’, have released their first single with lyrics, “Shoal,” following the success of their previous instrumental albums, “Eschaton” and “Full Heal.”

“Shoal” makes use of ambient synths, drum beats, keyboard melodies, and haunting vocals to create a track that will stay with you long after you have finished listening to it. The track makes you feel as if you are on a reflective solo journey, and is sure to be your go-to track for similar situations in the future.

Waking Aida can be seen live at the ArcTanGent music festival in Bristol from 17 to 19 August 2017. You can purchase ‘Shoal” here.


Red Hot Chilli Peppers release new music video

Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame veterans, Red Hot Chilli Peppers (RHCP), have released the music video for “Goodbye Angels” ; the fourth single off their 2016 album, The Getaway.

The music video was filmed during RHCP’s show in Austin, Texas on 4 April 2017, and released just over a month later. At the beginning of the video, you get the idea that there are two simultaneous storylines; one following a girl (Klara Kristin) on a night out with friends, and the other showing RHCP’s show. However, the two do intersect when she finds herself backstage at their show.

Despite seemingly having fun with friends, there are many scenes showing the girl’s unhappiness. This echoes the lyrics of the track, which narrate the life story of a girl who suffers with mental health issues, and deals with them in an unhealthy way by engaging in substance abuse. The man who is singing wants to help her, but doesn’t know how, and this leaves him feeling helpless, “Say goodbye my love, thought I could make you whole.”

They are currently on a world tour to promote The Getaway, so be sure to check if they are performing in your town. After over thirty years of performing and recording, RHCP have retained their high energy and fresh sound, making their latest album a must-have for all rock fans.



Singer-songwriter Hebe shares new single from upcoming album

The 12th of May is set as the release date for ‘Tell Me’, the new single by Amsterdam based songstress, HEBE. 

Hailing from a creative family, it’s no surprise that Hebe gravitated so strongly towards music. Her father is a film and documentary director, her mother is a theater designer and teacher at The Rietveld Academy and her brother is a visual and light designer.

She released her 6-track debut EP, “The Beginning” in October 2015, shortly after graduating from The Conservatory of Amsterdam. With various festivals under her belt such as Share A Perfect Day Festival Beekse Bergen, she has also graced the stages of North Sea Jazz Club and The Sugar Factory in Amsterdam. With her previous single ‘I Knew It From The Start’ racking up over half million plays on Spotify, she has garnered interest from the likes of The 405, Noisey and Keep it Underground.

Tell Me has been described as “a unique cinematic, soulful-pop track that blends ethereal vocals with a grounded yet melancholic and powerful melody line, utilizing piano and guitar gracefully that has resemblances to James Blake.”

 Speaking about “Tell Me”, HEBE says: “‘Tell Me’ describes a confrontation with loss. Loss can shake a person, I think people will recognize that. We live in a world focussed on efficiency, we have to keep our emotions to ourselves, keep smiling. Tell Me is a search in coping with fears and sadness. Facing fears and overcome them.”

Watch the video for Hebe’s ‘Tell Me’:


Hajk Releases Debut Album

Hailing from Oslo comes Hajk, a five-man indie rock band. Their debut self-titled album was released on 28 April 2017.

The track ‘Medicine’, has a near-acoustic feel, with a slow, steady beat, mesmerising harmonisation and haunting lyrics. ‘Common Sense’ is an upbeat track, with honest lyrics – which is in line with Hajk’s sound and the feel of the album as a whole.

‘Magazine’ has already received rave reviews from many music publications, including Noisey who described it as, “slightly like the first spring in your step on a May morning.” The lead single ‘Best Friend’ invokes a sense of nostalgia, that fuses an 80s synth beats with alternative rock instrumentals. The lyrics tell of the end of a friendship due to betrayal and lies, which is perfectly summed up in the hook: “I don’t know if I can ever trust you again – what ever happened to my best friend?”

Hajk are bound to soon be one of your favourite bands, and their debut album will be on heavy rotation on radio stations and your iPod alike. You can buy the album here.

Listen to ‘Best Friend’ below: