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Lovely Bad Things Release EP + Video

Los Angeles-based punk rock band, Lovely Bad Things, released their new EP, Homebodied, on 31 March 2017 and shared the music video for the lead single, ‘Hiding to Nothing’ on 18 April 2017. Formed in 2009, Lovely Bad Things have released four successful albums and played at music festivals across the USA; including SXSW and Silverlake Jubilee.

The music video takes an interesting turn away from the usual punk rock trope of grungy, ‘live show’ video feel and disproves Noisey webzine’s claim in 2014 that “punk bands make the worst music videos.” ‘Hiding to Nothing’ has a music video that will remind you of the 90s, from the bright colours to the distressed denim clothing. Taking a minimal approach (the whole music video takes place in one room) is beneficial to the band, as it allows for their music to be the focus of the video, which is reminiscent of early MTV, before it became a reality TV channel.

The four track EP is a pop meets punk masterpiece that will have you embracing the choker trend and might even inspire you to binge watch all your favourite 90s teen movies. Homebodied is available on Soundcloud, Bandcamp,and iTunes, and their previous albums can be purchased on vinyl through their website.

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