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New Dream Pop Single By Danish Duo Sweet Tempest

Danish dream-pop duo Sweet Tempest have released a new single from their forthcoming EP ‘Bones and Machinations’, which is slated for release on the 5th May via Cicada. The track was written, produced and mixed by the duo of Julian Winding and Luna Kira and features a pitch-perfect 60s flavour, spacey, reverb-drenched chorus and a beautiful, delicate refrain that is both catchy and wistful all at once.

In 2016, the duo wrote the soundtrack for the film The Neon Demon (over 1 million views on Youtube) and began attracting the serious attention of tastemakers. To date, they’ve received support from Wonderland, GAFFA, Indie Shuffle and JaJaJa amongst others, not to mention appearances at high-profile festivals such as VEGA in Copenhagen and performing in support of pop singer Fallulah. The duo is certainly an act to keep a close eye on in 2017.

Speaking about the track, ‘Colourful Rain’, Sweet Tempest reflect: “‘Colourful Rain’ was written in the same way most of our songs are written. We sat down and got serious, really went for it and didn’t feel what we were making. Then Julian pulled out his mini keyboard and we started improvising in the kitchen. Luna threw some melodies on it, and before we knew it we had a song. It seems that whenever we focus on a particular direction, we hit a wall, but when we decide to relax and just let circumstances sweep us away, we get exactly what we’re looking for. The song is about enjoying life to the fullest with a loved one, regardless of whether they exist or not.”

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