INTERVIEW: SANDS Talks Influences, Debut EP

Multi-instrumentalist Andrew Sands will be releasing his eponymous debut EP, SANDS, through Shower Records on 13 March.
The talented musician traces his career back to the age of 13, where he first discovered artists such as Neil Young, The Smiths, Bowie, George Harrison and The Rolling Stones. He played drums and guitar in various bands and later became more intimately involved in recording and engineering.
These influences shine through on “Poison In You,” the first single from the album, which has been acclaimed for its dark, driving rhythms and grungy tone. The edgy lyrics are propelled by an insistent, intense beat, punctuated by punchy guitars reminiscent of Spiritualized, PJ Harvey, Type O’ Negative and Arcade Fire.
SANDS says of the EP: “Being a multi-instrumentalist, it was quite natural to kind of develop the idea of the arrangement at the same time as the songs flew, so I was eager to get in the studio and see how things came out. It was fun and exciting losing myself in the process of building the whole sound, as well making some room for experimenting and improvising. Sometimes is easier, other times it seems you have to struggle a bit.”

Described by Clash Magazine as an “instrumentalist who draws on the full spectrum of pop… able to handle everything from placid melody to ferociously avant garde ideals,” Sands recorded the release at 123 Studios in London with Brett Shaw, who has previously recorded artists such as Ghostpoet, Florence and the Machine, Daughter and Roisin Murphy. 
We caught up with SANDS to learn a bit more about the new album…
Your list of influences reveals a strong set of real songwriters: Neil Young, David Bowie, Morrissey, etc… Do you think that lyrical content and true songwriting ambition is something that has, perhaps, been lacking from rock and electronic music in recent years?
I can say I definitely like songs that could stand alone just as lyrical pieces. I truly admire those who are capable of that, and try to be stepping into that way.Then, when the lyrics sit together with the music and go – boom! – and the picture is there, kind of a perfect match, well. that’s it for me. Whether that’s been lacking or not lately, in electronic or rock music… I don’t know, maybe. Although maybe not, I might’ve been missing something, which is very likely
What was it like recording with Brett Shaw at 123 Studios?
It was cool; in general it went down smoothly. I had a few guidelines to follow, so this kind of set a ‘flow’ to the sessions as they went on. This also gave us the chance to let the process of improvising in the studio drive us through the building of the tracks. With Brett being a drummer, too, we had a lot of fun doing that and finding the right tones.
Talk to us about a line from your new song, “Poison”, which goes ‘I’m shooting for kindness’ sake…’ 
It may be referring to things that are really annoying. I think it reflects a mood. I must have been really pissed off.
Finally, in a perfect world, where would Sands be one year from today?
In space.
SANDS is out on Shower Records on March 13th.
Here is the EP’s track list:
1. Poison In You
2. Let It Roll
3. Start Shakin’
4. Celebrate

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