Earl Sweatshirt On Jimmy Kimmel

Earl Sweatshirt appeared on last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, performing a snippet of recent tracks ‘AM // Radio’

Earl Sweatshirt appearing on what is, essentially, a family TV show might seem a little bit weird seeing as Odd Future were widely criticised supposedly inciting violence by their fans towards members of the public… but hey, maybe times have changed. There is, of course, no denying that Earl Sweatshirt is a serious artist and never fails to impress. Don’t mind those haters, ES.

‘AM // Radio’ is taken from his most recent album ‘I don’t like shit, I don’t go outside’. The circumstances surrounding the album release were less than ideal for the artist with Columbia Records supposedly announcing the LP without his permission.

Speaking about the situation he said:

“Brah, I was devastated,” Earl told NPR Music. “I was so mad cause it was like – especially because I feel like this is my first album. This is the first thing that I’ve said that I fully stand behind, like the good and the bad of it. I’ve never been behind myself this much. So for them to not treat as importantly as I was treating it was just like – I couldn’t help but to feel a little disrespected, you know?

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