Nolita View /// Islander #TBT

Winter has come. It’s freezing. I miss Summer.

I thought I’d put up a track of Summer past to help rekindle my love for the warmer season. Here’s Nolita View, a small British Indie band, and their track ‘Islander.’ I love the catchy guitar flares and chorus on this track, even more so the catchy snare on those crashing drums!
New Music

Pinkshinyultrablast /// Umi

Russian shoe gazers Pinkshinyultrablast have a new single called ‘Umi’ that’s apparently so good that even Match Of The Day played it! This Russian five piece are working their way to becoming the new darlings of the Shoegaze scene.

Kagoule /// It Knows It

Check out this retro MTV style vid from Nottingham Grungers Kagolue! They’ve just signed to Earache Records and this debut release if available for free!