Cloud Castle Lake /// A Wolf Howling + Sync

The implicit tranquility in a name like Cloud Castle Lake is a far cry from the audible product. The ethereal, post-rock extravaganza that is ‘A Wolf Howling’ showcases the band’s versatility when compared with their other offering ‘Sync’. Though definitely in the same ball park, ‘A Wolf Howling’ has a much more Radiohead-esque vibe, with the tense minor keyboard groove providing an unsettling background to Daniel McAuley’s…wolf-like…falsetto.

The band’s upcoming E.P ‘Dandelion’ is due for release via Happy Valley Records on 19.09.14 in Ireland, and 22.09.14 in the UK. Pre-order the 12” vinyl here.

Listen to ‘A Wolf Howling’ and ‘Sync’ below:

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