Prides /// I Should Know You Better video release

Scottish synthpop band Prides released their video for their latest single ‘I Should Know You Better’ yesterday. With an electronic sound not dissimilar to their compatriots Chvrches (who also rock), they add to it with a more traditional drum and guitar sound – and it works brilliantly. With an anthemic chant of ‘Well I know that we will live forever’ that would put William Wallace to shame the song builds to a climax at around 2:30, before ending with a melancholic a cappella outro. The track is accompanied by a video in which a headphone-wearing, picnic-loving half yeti half hipster is rather mercilessly stalked by a poacher. 

I’m not entirely sure which is more brilliant – the song, or the fact that by the end of the video I was genuinely upset for our poor Shoreditch yeti.
Check it out below:

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